System Features and Options

Premium Keypad
Allows the security system to be turned on and off by entering a numeric code. The backlit digital keypad features a large display that walks you through the system's functions and includes three emergency buttons that can notify Security World if you need, fire, medical or police assistance.

Door or Window Sensors
Triggers the alarm if a secured door or window is opened while the system is armed.

Motion Detector
Monitors open areas, triggered by movement and body heat.

Security World's Yard Sign and Decals
Help deter potential intruders by informing them your home is protected by Security World.

Interior Siren
Sounds a piercing 90 decibel alarm that lets intruders and your family know that the security system has been triggered.

Master Control Panel
Contains the processor that transmits monitoring information to the Security World central monitoring centers. For even greater security, it also operates with an enclosed back up battery in case of power failure.

Smoke/Heat Detector
Detects smoke or unusually high temperature, sounds an alarm to warn your family of a possible fire while simultaneously alerting Security World's monitoring station to notify assistance.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Detects dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, sounds an alarm to warn your family of a possible CO poisoning while simultaneously alerting Security World to summon assistance.

Smart Key Wireless Remote
Arms and disarms the system at a range of up to 75 feet. It fits easily on your keychain and can also be used as a police or medical emergency button.

Flex Switch
A combination glassbreak detector and window sensor. It detects the sound of breaking glass and if a door or window has been opened.

Glassbreak Detector
Triggers the security system upon detecting the sound of breaking glass, while ignoring the sounds of thunderstorms, telephones and other common noises.

Heat Sensor
For use where smoke detection is not desired; detects dangerously high temperature and triggers an alarm to alert your family, while automatically notifying Security World's monitoring stationto notify assistance.

Telephone Control Module
Turns any touch tone phone inside or outside your home into an additional keypad, allowing you to control the home security system no matter where you are.


Environmental Alert
Measures temperature within an acceptable temperature range by setting the adjustable high and low limits. If the temperature in the monitored area rises above or drops below the set limits, the temperature sensor activates the security system.

Strobe Light
A powerful, weatherproof strobe light made to stand up to impact and abuse. The brilliant flash of the strobe light is perfect for assisting emergency vehicles in locating your home day or night.

Moisture Sensor
Notifies the homeowner of water leaks. It is used in or around basements, computer rooms, all drain areas and document storage areas.

Exterior Siren
Produces a piercing 95 decibel audible alarm when your security system is triggered.