The Story Behind Security World


Founded almost 40 years ago, Security World Inc. started by selling and installing car alarms in Houston, TX. After car industry changes, Security World started to sell home security equipment, ranging from alarms, safes, locks, and screens. This small storefront mainly offered do it yourself security solutions for home and businesses in Houston, Texas. After many customers would purchase the security solutions they started to as if Security World could install their newly purchased goods. Security World evolved again, and began to be the full service installation and monitoring corporation we are today.

Out of our founder and General Manager's desire to provide the best service and equipment at the lowest price, Security World has made its mark in the security business. We have stayed on top of industry trends in monitoring while also keeping a close eye on technological innovations that may benefit our customers. Security systems have seen dozens of manufacturing changes, and hundreds of technological advances.

Over the years our staff has provided great service, world class products and timely education for our customers and security conscious people. We have worked with the Houston Better Business Bureau to develop educational materials as well appearing in many media advertisements as an ongoing effort to inform the public about security systems and how they might benefit from them.

Our long standing A+ rating with the Houston BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Colorado Springs BBB (Better Business Bureau) means a lot to us and our UL approved monitoring insures our customers have the best monitoring available. UL Monitoring is the highest class certification only given to the highest ranking and performing monitoring stations around the country. The UL approved allows, Security World, to give the highest quality monitoring services to our customers.

Our goal is simple. It is to provide the best value for your dollar, by giving you the quality, safety and education you rightfully expect when you are investing in a security system and a company.