Smart Home Security

Upgrade your security system to have control of your entire home. Smart Homes allows you to control your entire home with your smartphone. Below are examples of options to make your home a smart home.

smart home.jpg
  • Thermostats: Z-wave enabled thermostats can connect to your security system. This allows you to control the temperature of your home from anywhere.

  • Locks: Z-Wave enabled deadbolt locks allows for you to make sure your doors are locked. You can unlock and lock these just from a tap of a button on your phone.

  • Lights: Set up your lights around your home to turn on and off from your phone.

  • Water Detectors: Put these devices under sinks, and in your utility room to sense for flooding. If the water touches the sensor it will send you an alert and you can turn off the water to your home before any more damage can be done.

  • Smoke/Heat Detectors: These are in every home but are not put on the security system. If you are away from your home and the smoke alarm goes off, your security system will alert the fire department and this could save your home.

  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: These sensors will alert you to the deadly gas and you can respond promptly and accordingly.

  • Gun Sensor: There is a sensor that can be put on the trigger of your guns. It will alert you if the gun is moved and it requires a code to take the sensor off of the gun.

  • Cameras: There are cameras available that can work with your security system and appear in your security system app.

  • Garage Door Opener/Closer: This device will wire to your current garage door opener. It will allow you to see if your garage door is open or closed and allow you to open/close it. This device works with many different existing garage door openers, but there are some brands that are to old and may not work with this device.

All of these devices can be added to the security system at your home, you may need to upgrade different aspects of the system in order to do so.

Another option, is when you have all these devices set up, you can set up rules for your system to follow. For example, when you disarm your security system, you can have your system close your garage door, turn lights on, and set your thermostat to a certain temperature. Same for arming the system, you can set it up to where the lights will turn off, the doors will be locked, and your cameras are recording. There are many options for these rules.