Security World is Superior

Security World is Superior at Discouraging Burglars
Almost all other security companies put the same security system control panel in every job and use similar accessories. This allows a smart burglar to learn the system and possibly disarm it quickly.

Security World can install many different brands of security systems reflecting the latest technology. Security World also has access to a large selection of accessories. When a burglar sees a Security World alarm sticker on a home or business, he has no idea what type of control panel or accessories are protecting your location.

Security World is Superior at Protecting the System Control Panel
Security World always separates the control panel from its keypad in different rooms in every location. We strongly recommend arming the control panel closet door to provide a second line of defense.

Security World's Large Selection is Superior
Security World's large selection allows us to design a security system that fits your personal needs, your house, your budget.

Security World Can Discourage Burglars from Cutting Telephone Line 
Security World has several ways to discourage a burglar who may cut your telephone line.
1. Loss of telephone service sounds siren as keypad beeps.
2. Optional test signal sent every 24 hour 
3. Security World also offers radio monitoring of your home or business that communicates using radio if your telephone monitoring does not perform.

Security World's Window Protection Selection is Superior
Most security companies say they'll protect your windows but they don't get specific about what that means. Security World has five ways to protect your windows and we will educate you about the strengths, weaknesses and costs of opening sensors, pane breakage, frame breakage and room breakage sensors and screens.

Security World's Monitoring Quality and Price is Superior
For example, Security World uses many different U.L. certified monitoring stations around the United States so a burglar does not know which one is protecting your home or business. Only our quality and good price keeps you as a customer so you can be sure we'll do a good job for you.

Security World Philosophies are Respected
Houston's, in particular, acceptance of the Security World philosophy is reflected by guest appearances on local television shows including repeat appearances on "Good Morning Houston." Frequent presentations have been made to neighborhood and civic groups including the honor of speaking before the Houston Police Officer's Wives Association.