Security World is Different

What if quality or pricing of my 24 hour monitoring becomes unacceptable? Can another company monitor my security system?
Security World installs nationally branded equipment that other companies can monitor. Some companies including Brinks, install systems that only they can monitor. These companies do not want customers to have the freedom to get competitive bids. Security World gives you the freedom to change and that makes Security World's monitoring stations work harder to provide quality service at a fair price.

Can other companies service your security system control panel?
Many companies install equipment only they can service. If their service is too slow or too expensive, you can not call Security World to give you service, because these companies will not make their technical manuals available. Security World installs U.L. rated national brands that can be serviced by other companies. This makes Security World work harder to provide quality service at a fair price because we can "lose you as a customer." Security World can service most all ADT systems.

Lease, Purchase or Three Year Contract
Some companies imply that you are buying your security system when the fine print says you have leased the keypad, control panel, motion detector and siren. Security World offers you the choice of purchase, lease or financing and believes that companies should clearly state that a lease is a lease. A.D.T. and Brinks seem to be able to keep their lease or three year contract a secret. If you are paying $19.95 a month or more for 24-hr home monitoring, you are probably signing a three year lease and paying for the lease with high priced monitoring.

Ask: Do I own all of the security system? If I stop paying for the monitoring, will any of the equipment be removed?

What if I want to get rid of my land phone?
Security World’s system can communicate with a Cell Radio or over the internet.