Security Tips and

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are solid tips on how to improve your home security and answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Door & Window Locks: Double key dead bolts are the first step in burglary prevention and loss reduction. A burglar who enters through a window wants to carry stolen merchandise out the door, but a double key deadbolt and hinge locks will stop this.

  • Sliding doors and windows are the weakest: The locks on sliding doors and windows are very weak. Most burglars can easily break the latches that are on these doors and windows. A tight fitting rod in the track of a sliding door or window can make the door almost impossible to open without breakage. Also, and additional clamp or key lock can provide even greater protection.

  • Reinforced Strike Plate: After you have installed a good deadbolt, the police department strongly recommends you install a special reinforced strike plate to strengthen the door frame.

  • Peephole  Every door without a window next to it should have a peephole.

  • If You're Home Alone: If you're home and the doorbell rings, don't open the door, but go to the door and talk? Burglars want a home that is empty, so your voice will usually discourage them.

  • Engrave Your Valuables: Engraving your valuables with your driver's license will allow you to legally claim any stolen items and to prosecute a burglar.

  • Lock Your Backyard Fence Gate: Burglars don't like to climb the fence to enter your backyard. You can mail your meter reading in to the city or utility company.

Your insurance company will typically give you a discount if you have a monitored security system. (Check with your insurance agent for specific requirements.)


-90% of Police Chiefs Believe a Security System Discourages Burglars!

Motion Sensor: A motion sensor will protect one room, usually used when the house is empty.

Windows & Sliding Doors: Windows and sliding doors with opening sensors for large pieces of glass should also have some kind of glass breakage sensor in case a burglar tries to enter by climbing through the broken glass without opening the window. On high risk windows, you should consider glass panel removal and breakage sensors in case a burglar tries to remove the glass instead of breaking it. Removal is very difficult for burglars.

Second Line of Defense: Every security system should have at least one way to detect a burglar inside a house in case he gets past the perimeter doors and windows. Consider the use of motion sensors or arming interior doors.

Control Panel Closet Should be Armed: The closet door of the closet that houses the security system control panel should be armed so a burglar can never touch the brains of the security system without setting off the sirens and communications.

Reserve Battery: Every security system should have a rechargeable reserve battery that sends a loss of power signal to the monitoring station before it stops performing.

Panic Buttons: For personal protection, there should be a panic button in the bedroom either wired or wireless.

Wireless Panic Button: If the garage is detached or you park outside, a wireless panic button you can carry on your key chain is often recommended!

Silent Panic Code on Keypad: A secret silent panic code should be available on your keypad so that if someone forces you to turn off your security system, you can call for help silently.

Smoke & Heat Sensors and 24 Hour Monitoring: A fire can be more damaging to life and property than a burglary. If you're gone, the fire department will be called by the 24 hour monitoring before your neighbors ever see the fire. Daily 24 Hour Communication Check. If you travel, the daily communication check signal lets you know that the system is communicating daily while you are gone.

Emergency Communication via Long Range Radio: Security World can also arrange for your security system to send an emergency signal via long range radio if your telephone line is cut.


Security World is the only company that promises to pay false alarm fines during the first year. The most important thing about any security system is that it performs when needed and it doesn't false alarm. Security World's "no false alarm fines" shows a commitment to quality installation and quick repair.

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Choice of Four Different Control Panels and Many Accessories. Most companies put the same security system and control panel in every home. Security World believes people and houses are different, so we carry seven different security system control panels to have one to meet your exact needs. Even a professional burglar cannot tell from a Security World yard sign what control panel is inside your home.

Choice of Purchase or Lease. Some companies sales people never mention the word "lease", but it is in the fine print of the contract. Security World gives a clear choice of purchase or lease. Security World allows a lease to be converted to a purchase. No other security company gives that option.