Security Strategies by Pros

Security Strategies by Professionals

Houston's Largest Selection of Security Systems
Security World has one of America's largest selections of security systems and this allows our consultants to design a security package that meets your exact needs. Most companies have only one system with few variables and they must convince you to buy their equipment rather than give you what you really need.

Wireless or Hidden Wire
Some companies say wireless is better and others say hidden wire. Security World carries both and believes the quality is equal. Currently the new high quality wireless technology is more expensive than hidden wire labor, so Security World only uses wireless where needed.

Reserve Battery in Case of Loss of Electricity
All Security World systems have a reserve battery that will take over in case of loss of electrical power. These batteries are automatically recharged when power is restored. If the system is monitored by Security World's 24 hour alarm monitoring service, you will be called when the reserve battery loses too much power.

Reserve Battery Should Be Protected
Security World recommends that a sensor be installed in the control panel area to detect a burglar who turns off the main electricity and then attempts to unplug the reserve battery. Security World also recommends arming the door to the room housing the control panel and a sensor to detect ceiling entry.

Panic Buttons
Security World recommends a second panic button in addition to the one on the keypad. In a home it should be in the bedroom. At work several might be needed. If the garage is detached or you park outside, a wireless panic button is recommended to give you personal protection walking from your car to the inside of your home or office.

Delay to Instant Feature
Security World's security systems allow you to eliminate the entry delay on your doors for maximum protection when everyone is home for the night! Your windows are always on instant alarm condition.

Window Protection
Some companies tell you to only worry if the burglar opens the window, but some burglars break the glass and climb through without opening the window. Security World installs pane, frame, and room glass breakage sensors; and even alarm screens, so we can recommend what you actually need.

Security World Uses Inside Traps
Security World strongly recommends installing an opening sensor on the closet door protecting the security system control panel. Therefore, if a burglar gets by the perimeter of the system, an alarm will sound if he opens the closet door to attack the brain of the system to disarm it. Security World strongly recommends one other detection device to ensure that if a burglar gets past the perimeter, he cannot move around the house without tripping the alarm.

Insurance Discounts for Security Systems
The Texas Board of Insurance has authorized insurance companies to give two different discounts for security systems. The first discount only requires doors, motion sensor, and 24 hour monitoring by a U.L. Listed Monitoring station. The highest discount is earned by arming all opening doors and windows, even second story windows.

These discount programs are voluntary, but they have been adopted by many companies. Security World can qualify your home for either discount level.