How Burglars Operate

Security World has been called and asked to install security systems to many homes and business that have been burglarized in the past. The Security World team always asks detailed questions about how the burglars broke in and where they went in the home. Burglars, typically, look for an empty home. Burglars will often ring the doorbell to make sure no one is home. If you are home, you should not act like no one is home! You should cautiously go to the door, but do not open it. You can call out and say, “I am sick, please come back another day.” People who pretend they are not home may face a burglar attempting to break in to their home.

Burglars will typically attack the front and back doors of a house. People are not suspicious of people walking up to someone’s front door, because it happens several times a day by many different types of people. Whether it be a mailman, friends of the homeowner, delivery people, etc. Burglars expect that their approach to the front and back doors is not noticed as suspicious. Burglars know that this activity is not watched closely by neighbors, compared to a person approaching a home’s windows. People will walk up to front and back doors for hundreds of reasons, but there are not many reasons to walk up to windows.

Burglars want to walk through a fence gate or down the driveway to the back yard. They want to be in a secluded back yard where you may have a fence that blocks vision into your yard and home. Make sure you have a locked fence gate or driveway gate that leads to the back yard. Even a simple lock on these doors can be enough inconvenience to deter a burglar.

The weakest door in the house is the back sliding glass door. This door typically has the weakest lock and easiest glass to break for easy, quick entry. This door should have a sliding glass door stopper to not allow for easy entry. Glass breakage sensors are good idea to have near this door, so the alarm will go off if the burglar break the back door glass.

Burglars usually attack windows that are less visible to neighbors. These are typically windows in the back yard behind fences or hidden behind bushes or window well windows that are totally hidden from neighbors. Burglars usually break a small hole in the glass and then open the window, but sometimes a smart burglar breaks all the glass and enters through the broken glass and doesn’t open the window. In order to avoid burglars getting into your window well windows, consider getting window well covers installed. Another consideration is getting glass breakage sensors near this windows. Another option is to put a motion sensor in the room of these windows, so if the burglar does manage to get inside the motion will trip the alarm.

Burglars usually go to the master bedroom because that is where people keep money, jewelry and guns. In order to keep these items safe, avoid leaving them out on a dresser, or night stand. Keep these items in a safe in your closet. Another consideration is to put a motion sensor in the master bedroom and put a door sensor on the safe door. If the alarm has not already tripped, it will trip with the burglar in this room or trying to open the safe door.

Does your system communicate by using your land phone? Did you know that burglars can cut the telephone wires without going into your home? If the burglar is smart, and if your telephone block is clearly visible outside, they can easily do so. The telephone box is only held close by a few screws. You can attempt to hide this box by planting a bush in front of the telephone block or you can request for the telephone company to move this telephone block inside of the house or garage. In order to reduce the chance of a successful burglary if the telephone line is cut, you can have your security system communicate by cell phone tower. You will need to add a cell radio to your system, so if a burglar cuts your telephone line it will not affect the communication of your security system.

You can also add additional sirens around the house for more noise if you feel your current system is not loud enough.

Burglars will be deterred by an alarm system because you must make it known you have a system with window stickers, and a yard signs. Many burglars will not attempt a burglar if they know the house has an alarm system. Burglars are looking for low risk homes.

Make sure your security system has a backup battery. If a burglar shuts off the power to your home, or goes to your home during a power outage, the system’s backup battery will power the system for several hours, keeping your home safe in this emergency situation.

Insurance companies will give you a discount on your home owners insurance policy because a security systems yard sign and siren deters the burglar to a home without a system and signage.