False Alarms

False Alarms

Security World is the only security company that pays false alarm fines for the first year

False alarms are a major problem for police departments across the country. It costs the police gas and wasteful labor and may make a police officer slower to a real burglary! The police department have responded by fining locations that have two to three false alarms in a year and often the police refuse to go to that location for a year.

Security World is committed to solving the false alarm problem with quality installations, customer education, and quick repair service.

Security World is the only company that promises to pay any false alarm fines the first year due to equipment malfunction as long as customer calls Security world on the first false alarm so we can work to avoid a second false alarm.

How Can You Help Prevent False Alarms?

Many false alarms, commercial and residential are caused by user error.

  • Make sure everyone who uses your security system knows the password and understands how the system works. Anyone who has a key to your home or business should have a disarm code and password that is easy for them to remember. Have them read this brochure.

  • Be sure everyone knows to use the reset button, if first code entry doesn’t disarm system.

  • If your monitoring station doesn’t call after a false alarm, call them to give them your pass code and say everything is okay. Monitoring station telephone number should be on keypad.

  • Remember, if you take too long to leave your location after punching arming code, the system will think you are entering when you go out the door. The alarm will sound as you drive away.

  • Add extra glue to glued-on window contacts and magnets, so they won’t fall off some day.

  • Remember, spiders, bugs, mice, small animals, birds or bright sun and clouds can cause a security system to false. There is a new type of motion sensor that can discriminate between people and small animals. Motion sensors are actually heat sensors and should not “look at” windows without shades that get the afternoon sun.

What Should Someone Do After A Burglary False Alarm?

After a false alarm, don’t leave your home or business until you’ve spoken with your Security World Monitoring Station. You should bypass the problem zone or put it in no police dispatch.

Almost all security systems require that it be reset after a false alarm. The security system alarm memory usually must be checked before the security system will rearm.

Call your service department to avoid another false alarms!


Can You have a Fire False Alarm? YES!

Yes: Bug spray or spray paint can look like smoke! And trigger a smoke detector!

Yes: Steam. A Cloud of steam from a shower can look like smoke and cause a false alarm!

Yes: Dust. The device that detects smoke can be falsely tripped if dust accumulates in the sensing lens.

Smoke detectors should be cleaned every year to avoid dust false alarms.

Is there a smoke detector that you can test to see if too much dust if accumulating? Yes: There is the ESL 449CTE that you can replace your old smoke detector with for $95.00. Other smoke detectors may have that feature.

Will the monitoring station call me before dispatching the fire department? NO! You must call monitoring to cancel fire department. The state fire marshal instructed monitoring stations that speed is too important to lose time calling the home or business on fire alarms.