Security System Communication Options

Part of helping you design the right system to protect your home/business includes how it communicates with the monitoring station and how you can access it.


Land Line Monitoring

Traditional land telephone lines work just fine for security system communication. Security World offers basic telephone monitoring service starting at $15 dollars a month if paid one year in advance or with auto pay using direct checking account (ACH). Land telephone service bills can be high and to save money many people have moved entirely to digital internet or cell phones as their primary phones or their only phones.

Cell Radio Monitoring

Cell radio monitoring utilizes cell radio towers and is an extra $5 dollars a month for a total of $20 dollars a month. They can send a daily test signals to ensure everything is working properly. Basic limited data cell radio is $99 dollars for purchase and installation. 

Smart Phone Arming

Almost every system can now be controlled by your smart phone. You should be able to arm or disarm your system from your phone. In order to control your system with your smart phone you will need to add a Cell Radio to your current system. The cell radio communicates through cell towers and allows you to control your system where you have cell service. Depending on the type of system you have the radio will start at $99. Adding smart phone arming will add $3-6/month to your monitoring bill. If you are interested in smart phone arming contact us today!

Internet Monitoring

In rare cases, areas with limited cell service, cell radios will not work. If this is the case and you do not have a telephone line, another option is communicating over internet. The device is similar to a cell radio, but will plug into your internet router. This device starts at $150, and will depend on the system that you have. Contact us for more information.