24 Hour Monitoring

24 Hour Monitoring Systems

  • Security World’s Monitoring Security Stations are in Houston, San Antonio and in Denver
    Brinks, Westinghouse, and Rangers American have monitoring stations in other cities like Dallas or San Antonio. It’s a long distance call and their employees do not know Houston as well as Houstonians, and the same for San Antonio and in Colorado.

  • Security World’s Monitoring Station is U.L. Listed
    This is the highest rating a monitoring station can receive in the United States. This means that there is a back up computer hooked up but not turned on for every working computer. Besides reserve batteries there is a gas generator to provide electricity during long term power outages.

  • Protection If You Are Away From Your Home
    Security World’s professional 24 hour security system monitoring will immediately notify the police and you if there is an attempted burglary at your home. Our station will also keep the telephone numbers of people who know how to locate you if you’re away from home or work.

  • Personal Protection If You’re Returning Home.
    If an armed burglar ever follows you into your home, and forces you to turn off the your security system, you can use the silent duress code to signal the 24 hour monitoring service that you are in personal danger.

  • Armed Holdup While You’re Home
    If an armed burglar enters your home and forces you to telephone your 24 hour monitoring service, you can give them the wrong secret password to signal that you need help.

  • Police respond to a person in danger first
    Security World’s 24 hour monitoring station will be able to differentiate between a person in danger and a burglary and notify the police accordingly.

  • Fire Protection When You’re Away or Asleep
    Security World’s 24 hour monitoring station will usually have the Fire Department on the way to your home before your neighbors see signs of fire.

  • Loss of Power Low Battery Warning
    If your home security system loses electrical power and the security system reserve battery becomes weak, the 24 hour monitoring station will receive a signal to call you or your list of friends about the loss of power.

  • Quality You Can Afford
    Security Worlds 24 hour monitoring fees are among the lowest in Houston. Computerization has lowered labor costs for all monitoring stations, but Security World is one of only a few to pass these savings on to customer. We guarantee that if there is an increase, the monthly monitoring rate will be no more than one dollar a year.

  • Daily Monitoring Communications Check
    Most Security World security systems have the capacity to send a monitoring communications check signal every 24 hour. This way if a burglar cuts your power and telephone line and waits for your reserve battery to run down, the monitoring station will know within 24 hours that your telephone communications are not working. The monitoring station will attempt to notify you at one of your emergency notification numbers. The monitoring station will not call the police, because a fallen tree could have knocked out your phone.