Why is our monitoring cost so low? 

When other security companies systems are installed, the installation cost is partially paid with financing built into the high priced three year monitoring contract. After their initial three year contract is completed, those financing costs are not removed from your monthly bill. Security World's $15/month monitoring pricing never includes financing costs.



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Stop paying for land phone!

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If you don’t want a landline telephone, we offer special pricing for cellular communication. Upgrade and you can stop paying for your land phone and not have to worry about a burglar cutting your phone lines.


SAVE $300/year on Monitoring!

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Most other security companies have financing built into their pricing when you initial sign up. After your original three-year contract is up, they should remove the financing from your monthly fee. Contact Security World so we can lower your monthly monitoring bill.


Smart phone control!

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Watch and control your home or business from your smartphone. Help protect your home or business with a camera and security system. We will design a custom system that will give you peace of mind.