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Home Security That’s as Mobile as Your Smartphone

By Home Security Source Nov 7 , 2010 | 8:05:00 am
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Cell phones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re phones, cameras, e-mail readers and web browsers all rolled up into one little handheld package. That’s why they call the most multi-capable devices “smartphones.” And because of all those capabilities, you can now have emote home security that fits in your pocket. That’s right. You can monitor your home security system as easily as you check your e-mail or send text messages.

All it takes is purchasing and installing a wireless home security network. Some are relatively easy to install. But if you don’t trust your “handyman” skills, many securities will gladly install them for you. The most advanced systems let you connect every electric and electronic device to your home network which will allow you to monitor and control them remotely using a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Droid or your laptop computer. Who wouldn’t want to check on their home, family and belongings 24/7 no matter where they were? Start comparing wireless home security networks and get one that allows you to:

Check your home invasion and fire security systems
Arm or Disarm your security system
Monitor the water or flood sensors
Adjust your thermostats and lights
Specify alert criteria so you’re notified by text, e-mail or call if there’s a fire, intrusion or temperature control problem—or if a child, spouse or expected guest arrives at your house
Watch security camera feeds

If you want to live a greener life and use energy more efficiently, then definitely look into remote home security. Remotely turn off lights and other electric appliances you may have forgotten to check before leaving the house. You won’t need to burn fossils fuels driving home to make sure you set the thermostat correctly. And you’ll be a lot calmer knowing that even if you forgot to do something, you can fix the situation without moving a muscle.


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