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There are many things to consider in selecting a security company to monitor your security system.

For one, a companies reputation as a great business... Security World has been a member of the Better Business Bureau in Houston since 1982. Security World was selected to help The Houston Better Business Bureau write an educational brochure on security systems in 1993.

24-Hour Monitoring as low as $15.00 Per Month

Security World’s monitoring station is in Denver and Houston, U.L. rated and fully computerized. This computerization allows Security World to give you one of the lowest monthly monitoring rates in the United States, which saves you money over the long term. You will save over $240 a year over comparable ADT high monitoring pricing.

Your location probably had a three-year contract when your system was installed and approximately $15 to $20 of the high priced monitoring was financing to lower the initial installation charge. ADT never removed the financing after the three-year contract was completed. This is typical of the alarm industry.

Our best monitoring price is $15 a month based on your payment every six months in advance. If you want to pay three months in advance the price is $16 a month and the monthly rate is $17 a month. You can change your payment plan any time. You do not have to sign a long term contract and we guarantee there will be no price increase for at least two years and after that time any increase would be no more than $1 a month. If you also have fire monitoring, it would add $2 a month.

The changeover to our 24-hour monitoring is free unless ADT (or whoever your current company is) took special action to lock out the competition. We have not had problems with systems being locked out but need to make you aware of the possibility. There will be no charge if we determine you need to replace the control, keypad or other equipment and you do not want to do that. We will need information about existing model and brand.

If your current company is ADT, you will need to give them thirty-days written notice and follow up with a telephone call. We will come to your location approximately a week before your last day with ADT and take over the system and activate our monitoring. If we cannot, you can always tell ADT to continue. We know ADT codes and use the same equipment and have taken over many ADT accounts in the last several months.

ADT is allowing most customers to terminate with 30 days notice. A few have been told that they must finish an annually renewing one-year contract, but it seems if ADT is told the customer is moving, they will terminate the contract in thirty days.

Depending on where you live, you may need a new alarm permit, which will usually cost $24 ($12 if you are over 65). We will pay for that for the first year.

In relation to connecting your security system to the monitoring station, The easiest and most widely used now is a regular land phone line but this is changing quickly as people are dropping this type of service in favor of wireless and internet phones. Internet phones need a special communicator to communicate security system signal. The installed cost is $98 and monitoring is an additional $2/month. If you don’t have a land line, or you want to have communication if the telephone line is cut, we recommend a radio or internet communicator. Estimated cost of a limited data radio is $130, full data $180. Radio monitoring is an additional $10/month.

In summary, we believe that Security World is the superior choice for your security needs. Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us at if you have any further questions.



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